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ASP Statistical Software

For Business, Economics, And The Social Sciences


Auxiliary Programs

There are a number of supplementary routines in ASP that handle computational chores. These routines include:

  • Solving Linear Equations.

  • Matrix Operations:

    • Multiplication

    • Inversion

    • Eigen Values

    • Determinants

    • Transpose

    • Create Binary Matrices

    • Calculate Determinants

  • Calculating Depreciation:

    • Straight Line

    • Sum Of The Year's Digits

    • 200% Declining Balance

    • 150% Declining Balance


  • Solving Interest Rate Problems:

    • Mortgage Amortization

    • Present Value

    • Future Value

    • Equivalent Interest Rates

    • Withdrawal Of Funds

  • Solving Linear Programming Problems

  • Calculating:

    • Combinations

    • Permutations

    • Exponentials

    • Factorials

    • Log Factorials



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