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Crosstab/Contingency Table Analysis

ASP allows you to crosstabulate two variables to create a contingency table or to enter a contingency table directly to be evaluated.  The output from this routine includes not only the contingency table but also:

  • A chi square statistic along with its p-value.
  • Cramerís V and gamma statistics.
  • Lambda, Somerís d, and the Goodman/Kruskal Tau.
  • The inverse values of the statistics in the item above.
  • Kendallís Tau a, b, and c.
  • Fisherís exact test is computed for 2 by 2 tables.

You are also given the option of:

  • Listing the contingency table as expected frequencies, percentages of column totals, percentages of row totals, and as percentages of the total number of observations.
  • Listing differences in percentages on the contingency table.
  • Calculating the individual cell chi squares.
  • Estimating a chi squared test for trend.

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