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Factor Analysis


Factor Analysis Options

ASP allows you to undertake a factor analysis from a set of variables or from a correlation or covariance matrix, and to estimate seven kinds of models:

  • Principal Components Analysis.
  • Largest Row Correlation
  • Squared Multiple Correlation
  • Principal Components Variance
  • Iteration By Refactoring
  • Generalized Least Squares
  • Maximum Likelihood.


Factor Analysis Output

The output generated from the factor analysis routine in ASP whether it be a principal components or a common factor analysis problem, is accessed through the FACTOR ANALYSIS OPTIONS menu. This menu contains nine output options:

  • Correlation/Covariance Matrix.
  • Factor Loadings.
  • Rotate Factors.
  • Factor Scores.
  • Residual Matrix.
  • Plot Eigen Values.
  • Canonical Form.

Correlation/Covariance Matrix. This option generates the actual Correlation or Covariance Matrix that has been factored is outputted.

Factor Loadings. In addition to the factor loadings, the variances of each factor and of the variables across the set of factors are generated by this option, along with the estimates of the communalities in the model that has been estimated. The variance of each factor and the total variance as a percent of the total communality is also presented.

Factor Scores. These scores are calculated directly by this option in the case of a principal components analysis and are calculated using the regression technique in the common factor analysis case. When the factor scores output display is exited you are prompted to add the factor scores to the current data matrix.

Rotate Factor. There are four rotation options available in ASP:

  • Varimax.
  • Quartimax.
  • Orthoblique (Varimax).
  • Orthoblique (Quartimax).

Residual Matrix. This option generates a matrix of residuals.

Plot Eigen Values. This option generates a listing of the eigen values of the matrix that has been factored.

Canonical Form. This option generates the canonical form of the extracted factors.


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