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ASP Statistical Software

For Business, Economics, And The Social Sciences


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Outline Of ASP Statistical Software

ASP provides a comprehensive set of data management, statistical, graphic, and computational routines:





About ASP Statistical Software

ASP is a powerful, Windows based statistical software package that is exceedingly easy to learn and use. It contains a wide variety of statistical routines and a comprehensive data management system. It also incorporates the ChartFx graphics editor which allows you to edit and customize the high resolution graphs and charts generated by ASP.

Every effort has been made to make the menu system and statistical routines in ASP as intuitive and as easy to understand as possible. This allows you to minimize the amount of time and effort spent on learning the intricacies of the program.  In addition, the program contains a comprehensive online help system and online user's manual to guide students through the program.  The ASP User's Manual can be downloaded by students and others from the DMC Software web site free of charge.


Educational Uses For ASP Statistical Software  

ASP is specifically designed for use by students and faculty for academic and educational research. It is ideal for undergraduate and graduate statistics and research methods courses.

Not only is ASP exceedingly easy to learn and use, it is exceedingly easy to teach to students. When you use ASP in your classes you can devote your time to teaching statistics and research methods rather than to teaching how to use a statistical package.

The ASP Educational Site License is one of the most comprehensive, and least expensive, site licenses available for educational purposes. It allows you to give free (dated) copies of ASP to all faculty, staff, and students, and to put ASP on all university computers and networks.

This allows you to distribute ASP under an ASP Educational Site License with a minimum of inconvenience. All you have to do is put the setup file on a computer or network server. Faculty, staff, and students can then copy these two files at their convenience.

DMC Software offers colleges and universities a free 30 day trial of the ASP Educational Site License. This license also comes with a 6 month, money back guarantee.

Email us for a FREE Examination Copy.

A Student Version of ASP is also available. The Student Version of ASP is a limited version that is contained on a single disk and does not contain the ChartFX graphics editor. 


Business Uses For ASP Statistical Software

ASP is a statistical software package specifically designed to provide answers to statistical questions quickly and with a minimum of time and effort. ASP allows you easy access to Control Charts, Time Series Analysis, Analysis Of Variance, Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Tests, Charts And Graphs, and much more in as simple and intuitive way as possible. As a result, business can obtain results in a minimum of time and expense by using ASP since there is no need for expensive and time consuming training programs. In addition, ASP is very reasonably priced.


System Requirements

  • Windows 95, or higher

  • 8 Mb memory, or higher

  • 3 Mb hard disk space for full installation

ASP can be run on a non-Windows computer, for example on a Mackintosh, within a virtual Windows environment created by software such as VirtualBox from Sun Microsystems.  This program can be DOWNLOADED for free from Sun Microsystems.


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