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High Resolution Graphics


ChartFX Graphics Editor

When a high resolution graph is created in ASP it is displayed in the ChartFX Graphics Editor. The graph is displayed at the bottom of this editor and Windows menu and tool bars are presented at the top. The options on these menu and tool bars allow you to customize the graph that is displayed at the bottom.

ChartFX Graphics Editor.

chartFX.gif (45290 bytes)

The ChartFX Graphics Editor allows you to:

  • Open a graph saved in a file, save the graph in the editor to a file, copy the graph in the editor to the clipboard, and print the graph in the editor.

  • Add, remove, edit, and change the positions of the legends, labels, and titles of the graph in the editor.

  • Edit the data underlying the graph in the editor.

  • Change the colors that appear in the graph in the editor.

  • Change the orientation of the graph in the editor from 2 dimension to 3 dimension, stacked to unstacked, etc.

  • Add or remove grid lines and zoom the graph in the editor.

  • Convert the graph in the editor from one form (e.g. a line plot) to another (e.g. a bar graph). The forms available include:

    • Autocorrelation Plots.

    • Line, Point, Scatter, Area, and Surface plots.

    • Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Pie, and Doughnut charts.

    • Pareto, Polar, Cube, and Hi-Low plots.


Generic High Resolution Plots

ASP allows you to generate a number of generic high resolution plots:

  • Sequence Plots
  • Bar Graphs
  • Area Plots
  • Scatter Plots
  • Pie Charts

High Resolution Statistical Plots

ASP allows you to generate eight kinds of high resolution statistical plots:

  • Frequency Plots
  • Regression Plots
  • Correlation Plots
  • Crosstab Plots
  • Control Charts
  • Quantile Plots
  • Probability Plots
  • Function Plots

The high resolution frequency, quantile, control, correlation, and probability plots are comparable to their character plot counterparts. The major differences between these plots and their counterparts is their high resolution, and that they are not accompanied by output matrices.


Function Plots

ASP allows you to plot one and two dimension functions that you specify yourself. It also allows you to generate and plot a number of probability distributions:

  • Normal Distribution
  • t Distribution
  • F Distribution
  • Chi Square Distribution
  • Weibull Distribution
  • Beta Distribution
  • Gamma Distribution
  • Exponential Distribution


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